Pat   Otto         Oddments     1991 - 2009

On the Wall Constructions     1991 - 1994

Postcard Shrine 1 Noyes Postcard Shrine 2 Virgin Unicorn Postcard Shrine 3 Homage to St Claire Postcard Shrine 4 Life Before Man Postcard Shrine 5 Pleasure and Days Postcard Shrine 6 Nevermore Postcard Shrine 7 Happy Birthday Baby Postcard Shrine 8 Turquoise Scarab Lady Postcard Shrine 9 Peekaboo Girl Postcard Shrine 10 Poised to Move Postcard Shrine 11 We All Fall Down Postcard Shrine 12 Rusty Abelard

Inside Out View Inside Flower Ox Hair Sewer Shrine Dead Flower Study 4 Wreath With Bound Heart

Off the Wall Constructions     1991 - 1994

Self Portrait as a Child Dolls Madam Doll Black Velvet Tie Dyed Baby Lace Hearts Abandoned House 1 A Trophy Goblet Hearts of Clay

Heart Heart on a Chain Lecturing Angel Tree Bark Mask Bound Found Objects View 1 3 Copper Bowls Pencil Fan Participant Drinks on the House

Voodoo Dolls     2005

Beast of Burden Between a Rock and a Hard Place City of Hope Life Member 1 Don't Shoot the Messenger 1 Dressed to Kill Exotic Dancer 1 Fertility Fetish Fish Wife 1 Ghost Bride 1 Iceman 1

Lord Luvaduck One of Those Snake Charmers Party Chick 1 Peacemaker 1 Playing Cat Mouse 1 Mandrake 1 Queen of the Dog 
Walkers Red Hot Energy 1 Seahorse 1 Totem 1

Accessories     2009

It's Spring Bag Lady Tote Bag Valentine Tote Valentine Briefcase Art Clutch Art in America Clutch Modern Painters Clutch

Lotus Wallet Lotus ID Holder Buddha Coin Purse Garden Bath Checkbook Cover Kali Glasses Case Newspaper Tote

Mom Trip Picture Book     2009

Mom TripPicture Book


Oddments come about on their own accord, often as a series. I can’t quite call them “art.”
But there’s enough to have a category all their own. They’re usually made from collections of things
brought together because I just can’t help it. They have some theme to them, like the “Postcard Shrines,”
or the “Voodoo Dolls,” or the hand-sewn, hand-embroidered, “Self-Portrait as a Doll” dolls.
And they are time-intensive and carefully made. They come about from bits and pieces I pick up, or save, or find,
or are given to me that would otherwise have been left as scraps, trash, unnoticed, mistakes, broken, remnants, etc.

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