Pat   Otto         Interiors     1977 - 1980

Dead Roses on Chair Do Not Distrub Chair Bedroom Suite With Boots Bedroom Suite With 
Clock Bedroom Suite With 
Unmade Bed Grey Gardens Interior 2 Interior 1 Telephone Still LIfe

Painting Smock Banana Still Life Interior Still Life Painting Paraphenalia Birth of Venus Royal Virgin Blue Shot in the Dark Virgin Blue Baby Blue


When I painted Interiors, I painted what was there. I found everything
I looked at fascinating. No need to arrange anything. I thought it would be boring and
a waste of time. I would start with an object and just go, deliberately not plan
where anything would end on the canvas. I would just take whatever was there
and paint it “as is” at my home/ studio. But once I started painting, nothing
could be touched until I finished — even if it meant not sitting on that chair,
or moving that coffee cup, or sleeping on the bed. I loved the relationship between objects,
the shapes that were created between the things and how when you didn’t “set it up” it ran all
across the whole canvas. I like interiors rather than still lifes - not limiting it
to one area or one spot on the table. These are some of the many, many interiors I’ve done.

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