Pat   Otto         Gouache   and   Watercolor   Paintings

Gouache Paintings    

Lotus World Moondance Lotus Buds Floating Fairies Horse and Musician Day For Night Sleeping

Frolic In The Grove Castle Lake Swim Rendez-Vous Escapade Day Dream

Watercolor Paintings     1987

Aeriel View African Breast Above 
Water Cover Me Decapitated 
Flower Egypt Grotto

Holy Spirits Person Within Sputnik Strata Thoughts Form the Earth USA From Space


The small gouache paintings harken back to Persian miniatures,
illuminated manuscripts, and fairy tale illustrations to create richly colored,
intricately detailed, evocative settings in which a young maiden and her beloved — a horse! — cavort.
The series continued with sculpted figures, Acrobatics.


The abstract watercolors are created to deliberately eliminate any conscious reference to their maker.
Using processes that automatically establish shapes that are then selected for heightened coloration and form
allows for the creation of dream-like imagery.

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