Pat   Otto         Figurative   Sculptures     1998 - 2001

Clay Figures: Heartworks

En Trance The Good Mother Osiris Plight of the Embryo Panic Gaia Aftermath Ka

Clay Figures: Acrobatics and Artifacts

Acrobatics 1 Acrobatics 2 Acrobatics 3 Artifact Woman Artifact Horse

Large Wood Figures

Fairy Minotaur Tree Bark Woman Wooden Maiden - Frontal


The small polychromed clay figures reinterpret large-scale figurative paintings
of the same images done many years earlier as “stations of the cross,”
objects to be viewed and visited. Now condensed, 3-dimensionalized and enshrined.

Large wood figures are created from found wood, usually driftwood, that has been altered and assembled
to create figures or mythological creatures from 5 to 8 feet tall. Painted pieces use melted beeswax
with oil painted glazes to create a deep, luxurious space and texture.

Acrobatics, a group of polychromed ceramic sculptures, is part of the
Horse and Maiden series of gouache paintings . Clay offers a more sensual form
for the main characters in their exquisite, yet eccentric, poses of cavorting.

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