Pat   Otto         Figurative   Paintings

Heart Work     1986 - 1992

En Trance The Good Mother Osiris Plight of the Embryo Panic Gaia Aftermath Ka Ka Under Cover

Portraits     1975 - 1979

Andrea Claire Ilene Vicki Maggie Maryjane Mom in Red

Self Portrait with Glove Kent Mom Sybil Tom


Heart Work is a series of large-scale figurative paintings that
starts with Egyptian Fiction (aka En Trance), The Good Mother,
Osiris (aka The Dead Father), Gaia, The Plight of the Embryo, Panic,
Aftermath and Ka (aka Spiritual Double). They are all life-size figures or larger,
in a variety of media, colorful and iconic.

Years later, the same imagery was reinterpreted into small clay figurative scuptures.

Years later still, at least a decade, the pieces still in my collection were transformed into kimono.

Portraits: I’ve often done a series of portraits (myself, friends, family) at transition points, like when I’m changing media.

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