Pat   Otto         Encaustic   Portraits     2000 - 2004

Portraits of Friends

Portrait of a Poet Carolyne Charlotte Elaine Sara Kristina Ralitza Kina Michele Keli

Arlene Beth Eden Iris Kris Lindsay Lynnette Nani Janet Steve Reclining Head

Portraits and Figures after Old Masters

Madonna and Child 1 Madonna and Child 2 Madonna and Child 3 Profile Fortune Teller Gentleman Flack's Face Sad Nun Renaissance Face Sherman's Mask Crying Saint St Theresa

Encaustic daVinci Encaustic Mona Encaustic Vermeer Mummy Etruscan Dressing Room Adam and Eve The Javanese The Dead Christ Buddha Head Kali Nose Profile Madeline Resting


With Wax Works, my encaustic paintings move into more sculptural forms,
blurring any boundaries between painting and sculpture. I’m interested in both
heightening and disrupting the 2-D illusionism of my portraits by painting them
on 3-D objects. By alternating multiple layers of melted beeswax with multiple
oil painted glazes, each bonded by the sweep of a propane torch, I can create
a luxurious space, color and texture on found pieces of driftwood that I have
altered to augment the image.

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