Pat   Otto         Egg   Tempera   Paintings     1982 - 1986

To Dad Self Portrait With James Dean Starry Night Rose Garden Fan Male

Sehkmet Dennis Mom Beckoning Virgin Reticent Whore David

Sekhmet Book on the 
Religion of Self-Restraint Enormous Changes 
at the Last Moment


The egg tempera paintings start off as 2 x 2 foot paintings done on masonite board
that has about 8 coats of rabbit skin glue mixed with marble and has been sanded
in between each coat until it feels like ivory and weighs a lot. I mail ordered all my
dry pigments from NYC at the time and ground my own pigments with a glass mortar and pestle
and using a raw egg yolk. That was the only way to get it done “way back then.” I still
didn’t paint in the traditional egg tempera way anyway. But I loved the stuff and how it worked.
As far as subject matter, I was interested in painting staged settings of my own things,
of the personal, feminine, and symbolic.

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