Pat   Otto         Drawings     1977 - 1996

Meditations     1996

Temenos Imaging Identity Point of Power Integrity Possibility Abundance Self-Protection

Strength Birth of Compassion Autonomy Life Force The Big Spin Light Scale

Portraits     1977 - 1981

Mother Self-Portrait Elaine with Shadow Pink Self-Portrait Self-Portrait with Board Super Self-Portrait XO Virgin Blue OX Self-Portrait with 
Poster Black Self-Portrait


The Meditations are drawings that evolve from a seed image that came up
while meditating on a chosen intention for a drawing. I use graphite pencil first
and then prismacolor pencils on black paper in a 10 x 9 inch sketchbook.

Portraits: I do random self-portraits at transition points, between series of artworks
and/ or changes between media. I also do some of my friends and associates. This is a sampling
of a few of those drawings in pastel, colored pencil and mixed media.

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