Pat   Otto         Anatomical   Objects     1991 - 1994


Ghost Scapula Breastbone Side View Heart Opening Foot Base Blood Letting Open Heart Female Urogenital 
System Coccyx Seeing Eye Pelvic Girdle

Stomach Organ of Generation Protector Spermatozoon Ovum Wounded Healer Brain Matter Spleen Umbilical Kidney Mates

Ritual Drinking Vessels

Heart Ritual 
Drinking Vessel Stomach Ritual 
Drinking Vessel Penis Ritual Drinking Vessel Vaginal Ritual Drinking Vessel Brain Ritual Drinking Vessel Sacrum Ritual Drinking Vessel


Canopic Jar - Skull Canopic Jar - Ibis Canopic Jar - Dog Canopic Jar - Egg Funerary Urn Zen Bones Cradle Reliquary Closed Egg Reliquaries Skull Reliquary


Fragments: These egg tempera paintings are intimate, hand-held, icon-like fragments
that explore a fascination with human anatomical systems and structures.
They are painted on shards of fired clay.

Ritual Drinking Vessels first came after seeing pre-Columbian sculptures of drinking vessels
at museums. They reminded me of the heart with its main vessels coming out of the “top”
and the idea of ritual, honoring, "art-ifying" the organs.

Reliquaries continue with the fascination of anatomical structures and their timelessness,
from the internal structure of bones to the eternal symbolism of canopic jars.

All anatomical objects have their basis in clay.

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